Kim Edwards - The Twilight Murders #779084

di Katherine Smith


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In April 2016, the unassuming town of Spalding in Lincolnshire earned an unwelcome place in true crime history when it turned out to be the home of Britain's youngest ever double killers. The victims were a forty-nine year-old mother named Elizabeth Edwards and her thirteen year-old daughter Katie. They were stabbed in the throat and then suffocated with pillows as they lay in their beds at night. These awful murders were unspeakably brutal and harrowing.


The mastermind of the murders was Kim Edwards. Kim was the middle daughter of Elizabeth and the older sister of Katie. She had not acted alone in these evil and gruesome crimes. Her loyal boyfriend Lucas Markham had been more than willing to kill these family members for her. It was shocking enough that someone would plan and carry out the violent premeditated murder of their mother and little sister but most shocking of all was the tender age of these killers. Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham were both just fourteen years-old. They were still kids.


Once they satisfied themselves that Elizabeth and Katie were dead, Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham eventually went downstairs where they ate ice cream and watched four Twilight movies. It was this last strange and shocking detail that would not only give these two teen killers their true crime tag (The TWILIGHT Killers) but also become the most chilling revelation in court. What sort of person stabs a mother and a little girl to death in the throat and then eats ice cream and watches DVDs as if nothing has happened? Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham did though. It was utterly and completely beyond all comprehension.


How do you even begin to understand what happened on that tragic day in 2016?

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