How To Talk In A Way That Kids Will Listen - A Proven Parenting Guide On How To Communicate With Children #683380

di Prof. Annabelle Rose Woods

Prof. Annabelle Rose Woods

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Have you been struggling to communicate effectively with your child and are at a loss for what to do? Too often, parents realize that they lack communication skills with their children.

This is especially true when addressing awkward or downright improper behavior. They commonly utilize physical punishment because they don't know how to properly express to their children that what they did was wrong and, more significantly, why it was wrong.

The good news is that it is never too late to learn how to communicate effectively with your child. This book will teach you how to speak with your child in a healthy, loving manner while maintaining the boundaries between you as an adult and them as a child. Another common mistake parents make is talking to their children like grownups, which undermines their own authority.

What will you get out of this book?

i. How to Communicate Effectively with Your Children

ii. How to Motivate Your Children to Work Together

iii. Becoming an Effective Listener to Your Children

And much more...

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