The magical box #790339

di Sudhanshu Shekhar


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Once upon a time there was a boy whose name was Cityhood. And he was 12 and lives in the Ground town. He was a lazy and dull boy. When his father and mother call him to do the work of home or the work of school he feels lazy, dull and late. So he could not do at the time. And because of this his friends tease him and call him lazy Cityhood. So he always feels bad. The Cityhood always has a dream that he should have good friend tolerating him and supposed to be famous. But that was not so. The Cityhood‘s school name was Famedome School.
In the bus the one boy who was fat and strong whose name was Tony always show the superiority? He throws him from the first sit at the last of the bus sit and for doing this he does not feel the shame. So Cityhood tolerates that. Now they reach at the school from the bus. In the recess time Tony and his superior friend snatches the lunch box and eats the food. So all was bad with Cityhood. His teacher sir/ madam always teaches him that dirty work has bad effect on us. So always do the good work. But Cityhood listens it and feels work not subtitle in his life.

The time of school was going to over and it comes the summer vacation. The holiday homework was to given. And Cityhood was doing own homework. Then next day his birthday came and his father brought a dog for Cityhood. Cityhood celebrated his birthday with cake and candle. And he was happy with his gift pet dog name Sadu.
So at every evening he began playing with the pet dog Sadu. Sadu dog was black in color and with a black tail. One day one girl came before the Cityhood when Cityhood was playing in the park with Sadu dog? She became girl friend of Cityhood. She told her name Sita. And told own story that she is her neighbour. So both became a good friend.


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