Managing Court Cases With Mental Strength #790341

di Siva Prasad Bose, Joy Bose


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Sometimes we cannot avoid court cases. In India sometimes they can run for
many months or years. We may have to attend the hearings in different cities. Combined with this are problems with handling a lawyer, cross examinations, unexpected surprises from the opposite party and other issues.
Court cases can thus take a huge toll not only on our finances but also our
physical and mental health. Sometimes we may feel helpless and fall into deep stress or depression.
However, all court cases do not have to end up this way. We can train to
manage them in a more meaningful and productive way. We need to treat
court cases as just part of our lives and not everything, just like the other parts of our lives. In short, we need to train how to handle court cases properly with as less stress as possible. This requires special techniques to cultivate our mental strength.
In this book, we study some of the techniques on how to handle court cases
and balance our lives while dealing with them. We do not focus on the different types of court cases and legal remedies, but rather focus on the psychology of managing court cases and how to make the process less stressful. Our main focus remains civil cases between litigating parties, however some of the advice and strategies can be applied for ongoing criminal cases as well. Also, we write this book from the point of view of the litigants, rather than the lawyers or other players of the justice system.

Note: This eBook is a intended to be a guide for people stressed with court cases and only serves as an initial guide. As a person affected, it is advisable to additionally seek professional advice or to consult a doctor / psychologist / psychiatrist or healthcare professional.

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