1001 Stories of Greatness - Series 1 #775979

di Isioma Jemimah Okonicha


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1001 stories of Greatness are short fictional stories about how to tap into your potential by first looking within you to discover your hidden advantage and strength. Discovering who you can become starts with first accepting to look inward. If you do not look inward, how do you know your genius?

All the stories are written to inspire, motivate, and most especially, to teach you how to live fully and stay fulfilled. These are stories with great lessons that will reshape you:


I met a boy at a subway begging for alms. He was a teenager. People passed in front of him without even noticing him as he pleaded. 


I immediately noticed an old guitar lying beside this boy. I wondered why he had such a valuable asset and yet he begged to feed.


'Young man,' I said as I walked up to him, 'can you play this guitar?' I asked. He looked at me in surprise, wondering why I’d asked that, instead of giving him money.


‘I am strategizing on the direction to throw my cast net to,’ I told the fishermen, each time they asked why I sat idly under the tree by the riverbank, while others were busy catching fish. 

They would smile without a word and walk away.


She was a widow. Yes, she was,

She lost her husband and father

of her children about a year ago,

Yet she remained a dedicated mother to four sons,

But she still had her fears; Ones so strong and she gave life to them instead.


I sat down on the wooden stool in our compound, thinking of who I would have become if our state government had not given me the scholarship to study at the university in our town after I'd passed the senior secondary examination. I remembered my excitement when I received my scholarship letter. The government of our state had promised to pay the university's tuition fee for each girl in our village, because they were being married off at an early age, at the time. 


A woman was selling fruits by the roadside with her fourteen-year-old teenage daughter, when a beautiful car stopped by, parking directly in front of the wood table that hosted the fruits the woman sold.

Both mother and child tried to look into the car, through the tinted window, eager to see who was seated behind.


There lived a boy who loved football and often dreamed of playing in the field with the other boys, whenever he watched them.

But he couldn’t play. He'd broken his legs at a tender age when he fell from a tall building. Soon this boy grew up, but by now he’d dashed his dream of ever playing football since he was old enough to understand the bitter truth.


These are some of the stories featured in this series one of 1001 stories of Greatness. They are fictional stories that represent and relate to real-life experiences. Great lessons to learn from this series.

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