The Struggle of Living on a Lean Wage - Making Ends Meet: The Struggle of Living on a Lean Wage #805112

di Saniul Alom Sun, GreenHood , Arif Hossain Bhuiyan, Abu Naser


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In the heart of a relentless city, where dawn unveils its sobering light, "Making Ends Meet" invites readers into the stirring tapestry of the 'lebar'—a term forged from the fusion of 'labor' and 'bare,' symbolizing the labor force eking out a living on the bare minimum. Against the backdrop of modest housing, Jenny, our resilient protagonist, emerges into the sunrise, her eyes carrying the weariness of a thousand days yet holding an unwavering resolve. As a cashier in a local grocery store, Jenny's world demands more than mere transactions; it necessitates a delicate dance of patience, speed, and an unyielding smile that must endure even as her own spirits waver. Her paycheck, a modest sum distant from the grandeur of a livable wage, becomes a monthly puzzle—a financial Tetris where bills and necessities form the blocks against the flickering hope of saving. In this realm of uncertainty, every dawn heralds a new mental preparation, an affirmation that Jenny will weather the day's demands. Her children, navigating shared spaces in uniforms handed down and mended, become silent witnesses to the intricacies of financial survival, learning the value of money through the 'no's' that meet their requests and the sighs that accompany the scrutiny of utility bills. Living on a lean salary transforms every decision into a tightrope walk, where the worth of goods assumes a different dimension. Each purchase is measured in hours of work rather than currency, met with the silent question, "Do we need this, or do we survive without it?" Jenny's odyssey unfolds as a saga of small victories and sizable defeats, a testament to resilience amid the voracious cycle of earning and survival. Yet, beyond the perpetual fight for financial stability lies an invisible battle—the struggle for dignity. The 'lebar' wage earners, like Jenny, silently wrestle with the societal stigma attached to their socio-economic status.

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Saniul Alom Sun, GreenHood , Arif Hossain Bhuiyan, Abu Naser