Jane Austen - the writer, the story and places to go #773909

di Angela Youngman


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Sparkling and witty, the stories of Jane Austen are memorable – especially Pride and Prejudice. Reasons for her popularity are not hard to find. The wit, humour and sparkling comedy have instant appeal, as do the characters – especially Elizabeth and Darcy. She has been credited with creating the modern English novel with its psychological insights, page turning ability, romantic interest and sheer depth of characterisation. Her characters have stayed relevant throughout the generations ensuring that the books have never been out of print The daughter of a clergyman, she was a member of the gentry and able to take part in the social whirl of the time. Although she had many suitors, she never married. Finding a husband proved impossible – due mainly to the fact that the family had no money. Jane was all too well aware of the problems faced by single women of her status in life, and her books reflect this admirably. Her love affair with James Lefoy, an Irish lawyer has been turned into a film: Becoming Jane. Her niece Fanny was told ‘Anything is to be preferred or endured rather than marrying without Affection’. Her early death came just as she was becoming established as a writer. Jane Austen is mostly associated with Bath but her life, books and the location of film and TV productions cover a much wider area. From London to India, from Hampshire to York, Chatsworth to Hollywood – the Jane Austen connections are worldwide. A unique combination of biography and guidebook; this e book tells the story of Jane Austen, her life and work. Some extremely memorable films have been produced especially the BBC adaptation starring Colin Firth and the Bollywood version Bride & Prejudice. It looks at the locations that are associated with her, or with filming. In total nearly one hundred locations are included, each dealt with in considerable detail highlighting appropriate links, history and tourist information. It makes a fascinating read combining a unique guidebook with background information and an introduction to this renowned writer.
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