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di Constantine Maureas


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This book began as a business book.  I wanted to write about interviewing, among other things, but a strange thing happened.  As I wrote more I was inclined to think about the sacrifices my mom made for my family and the role that my dad played in the development of my character.

I wrote everything I could think of, even going back to my childhood, that would relate to the vision that I had for my life.  I wrote about my career after graduating from UCLA, the events that led me to the adoption of my son, and then finally to the present state of my life in Los Angeles.

I wrote everyday for at least thirty minutes for about two years.  I began writing this book from the time that my son was placed in our care when he turned three to now, in the first few months of kindergarten.

As I wrote the last words of my book, I realized that I actually wrote three books in one.  It made sense to break it up into three different works.  This is the first in the series; what is called in literature as "bildungsroman," not as a novel, but as a memoir of sorts.  The second book is focused on my the first part of my adult life, and the eventual adoption of my son, my greatest accomplishment in life.  Finally, in summation of my life so far, I take a look around and find that I have some insights to offer. 

My other motivation to write this book is that I have managed young people for over twenty five years.  While my generation, known as "Generation X" had its own challenges, I find that more students graduating now are challenged in many of the same ways that I was challenged.  There is a tremendous amount of pressure on college graduates to know what they are going to do with their lives.  I am not sure that really matters.

Some people know and some do not.

Do what you want and what you think is right.  You will find your way.

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