The Teachings of Red Cloud 1934 - Red Cloud's Lectures 1930-1932 #126689

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We reprint the original version of the book “The teachings of Red Cloud” the Spirit Guide of Estelle Roberts, published in 1934 including some of the first conferences held by Red Cloud between 1930 and 1932 that have never been printed before.
In 2015 we found the teachings of the guide spirit of Estelle Roberts collected in the famous book “Red Cloud Speaks – My mission” that includes part of the communications occurred from 1935 to 1938.
In 2016, with our great pleasure, we bring to light one more piece of the teachings that Red Cloud has communicated through its medium Estelle Roberts for 50 years.
Traces of all these teachings had been missing for a long time.
Right because of the lack of historical information, we deem it appropriate to publish these rare documents just as we found them.
These pages give the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Red Cloud, the guide spirit who had announced to Maurice Barbanell the cooperation with Silver Birch.
Red Cloud, like Silver Birch, pursued the mission of helping humanity to re-think, re-discover the idea of God in the full freedom of free will, trying to break the chains of dogmas or creeds.

Yes, it is necessary to keep on spreading the teachings of Spiritualism, even in Italy.
Throughout the centuries Spiritualism has always been hindered, yet, with diffrent definitions from the one we use today, it is the oldest movement known in the world; it is always the same force of the Spirit that is in operation.
The philosophy of teachings like the ones you will find in this book, reveals a true knowledge of the concept of God, one that does not need intermediaries like churches or theology. It reveals the bond of mediumship with God; it brings back to us the instruments we need to reason on religiosity.
The demonstration mediumship gives us that life is eternal, that the spirit and the soul are immortal, has the purpose of bringing us back to the authentic knowledge of God, as Jesus already did. But Jesus Christ’s teaching has been lost, in many of its aspects, by churches and by theology themselves. The teachings of Spiritualism lead us to understand why each form of mediumship is a sacred gift at God’s service, always, whose purpose is not only to prove us that life is eternal, but also to make us aware that everything is in communion with God; we are all part of the infinite Spirit of God.
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