Gender based approaches to the law and Juris Dictio in Europe #522684

di AA.VV.

Pisa University Press

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Gender Based Approaches to the Law and Juris Dictio in Europe collects and re-works the
contributions presented during the online Conference that took place in June 2020. This
Conference represented a very important achievement for ELaN, “European Law and
Gender” project, funded by the European Commission under the Jean Monnet Actions
2019-2022, aimed at offering a specific focus on the relevance of gender equality within
the European Union, promoting different, at once comprehensive, trans-disciplinary,
and highly innovative perspectives.
All the four sections of the book well represent this attempt to critically use the European
Law and European background to highlight how gendered relationships and asymmetries may affect the different fields of regulation.
It has been projected in a challenging scenario, characterized by the health and social emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, in which gender relationships are critically overturned, requiring a combined effort in order to recreate the conditions for further
developments of and in gender equality, equity and gender justice.
This book is going to represent the first step toward a wider research path on genderization process of law (making) within the European scenario, which the University of Pisa, and the Department of Law in particular, are going to follow.
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