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franco zullo

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“Decisions influence 95% of a company's performance”. This is stated in Bain & Company's research.
Managing a team, a department or a company to succeed means making fundamental decisions firsthand, evaluating others' and exposing yourself giving valuable pieces of advice. And you have to do this in the context we live in now, rapidly changing and unpredictable. Often with a tight deadline and not enough information. In such situations, it is often counterproductive relying on intuition and on your usual techniques to solve problems. By doing this, we fall victim to unconscious biases that hinder our ability to make the best decisions.
This handbook describes in an easy, visual and detailed way the Lean Decision Quality® multidisciplinary method, which helps the reader develop a strategic and systemic vision and understand the exact organizational and neurological aspects of decision-making processes. This leads to better self-esteem and a great push to develop your potential so that you can turn your personal and professional life from ordinary to extraordinary.
Real cases' study helps in immediately understanding the framework, the tools and the processes to be implemented autonomously both in your business and in your life. Having a method means pursuing a goal, having a logical order and a plan, to reach the purpose you want to get to. The method enables you always to move forward, progress, go beyond, explore, evaluate, decide, grow and get better.
As Stewart Brand says: “We can try to change people's minds, but we're just wasting time. Let's change the tools in their hands, and we change the world”.

Franco Zullo has a 25-year hands-on experience both in big corporates, managing complex projects with a high economic impact, and as an entrepreneur. Founder of Stratego Italia Srl SB, he works as a strategic guide for entrepreneurs, executives and managers to identify and develop strategic directions, which are scalable and sustainable through time, as well as to turn products into unique projects/experiences for the clients. Combining Business Transformation with People Empowerment is Franco’s primary goal.
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