To Be and Not to Be: Some Unexplained Dreams and Their Famous Dreamers How Did a Dream Kill? #635845

di Juliana Woodwards

Whiteant Publications

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There is a beautiful saying in the Bible that, He who liveth, he who believeth, shall never die. That is, he who believes lives. No sorrow, no filth can touch him who is immersed in this faith and work. Work has its own joys. Dreams are needed to sink into work.
Many of us think that dreams are just a fantasy. But actually it is not; Dream means reality, dream means destination. A dream is a scene of imaginary events occurring in the subconscious mind of a person, which completely disappears upon waking. Do you believe that dreams ever come true? Whether you believe it or not, no matter how unbelieving or scientific you are, there are many strange things that happen in this vast world that are impossible to explain in many cases. Just like a dream. Western modern psychology also says that future memories are often stored in our subconscious. And it may appear in dreams in the form of symbols. So don't be surprised if a dream solves a future mystery or gives you a picture of a future event. Because this dream is witnessing some future events in the world. We are telling you about some such strange and mysterious dreams and their famous dreamers and also some deaths related to dreams. Can really a dream kill?
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