The Pearl On The String #816150

di Jenny Richter


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Mayang 4.0 out of 5 stars Life through the eyes of gods Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2024 The author's vast knowledge and wild imaginative abilities on this subject were readily apparent as the book took the time to ensure that the story was understood, whuch helped me understand why some of the details were as they were. That engrossing effect was present in this story.

Embark on a karmic odyssey with ”The Pearl on the String,” delving into the cosmic saga of Sekhmet, a member of a galactic pioneer group instrumental in initiating the human race through DNA creation. In ancient Egypt, the alien gods utilized giants and an inherent understanding of frequency as instruments to structure energy into settlements with unparalleled vibrancy. Yet, as Rah's prophecy of a cataclysmic era looms, Sekhmet's steadfast belief in humanity's potential to pull itself out of the darkness becomes her exile sentence, propelling her into a cycle of karmic entanglement. Across five incarnations spanning epochs and civilizations, Sekhmet grapples with her karmic wound amidst the rise and fall of empires. From Persia's alchemical marvels to North America's collision with fate, her journey echoes through time, guided by her intrinsic soul connection, yet lost within the era of forgetting and separation consciousness. As the shadows of World War II engulf the world, Sekhmet's voice transcends temporal confines, offering guidance in a turbulent era. Rooted in the numerological wisdom of change, symbolized by the number 5, the narrative weaves a tapestry of personal destiny and human spirituality, inviting readers to uncover their own voices through the ages. Amidst the ebb and flow of history, a revelation emerges—the cyclical flow of energy unveils a profound truth: abundance originates from within. Shedding the chains of savior thinking, a new epoch emerges—one where humanity seeks its own illumination, forging a cosmic path and awakening to its limitless potential within. ”The Pearl on the String” is an enthralling exploration of humanity's evolution—from the cradle of guided cosmic infancy to the transformative embrace of self-empowerment—inviting readers on a journey of healing, discovery, and cosmic enlightenment.

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