The Ancient Book of the Gemstones - Discovering the secret power of crystals and their hidden intelligence #735955

di Rosalba Nattero

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Gems and crystals are an opportunity to introduce us to a world to be discovered, to embark on a journey that turns out to be a profound exploration of our inner self and our unexplored faculties. This text is the result of decades of research by the author in her travels in contact with native cultures of all continents and above all with the key offered by an ancient European culture, druidic shamanism. In the book of the Hatmar of ancient Druidism we find a means to understand the profound meanings of crystals, their properties and their link with the power of Gaia, our planet. Ancient sciences that reveal an incredibly current knowledge, and that respond to the needs of our time. The gems, with their message made of knowledge, freedom and love, are ancient masters who interpret an ancestral tradition to lead us to discover the secret of Mother Earth.
The Author
Rosalba Nattero is a journalist, musician, writer and radio and television speaker. She has published numerous texts on the mythology and culture of the Celts. The text "The Ancient Book of Gems" was born from the passion that the author has always had for crystals and their hidden properties, and from the comparison with the traditions of the native peoples, in particular the Apache, the Australian Aborigines and above all the Druidic communities of Brittany. Communities that the author has got to know from the inside and with which she has developed deep ties and collaborations both musical and cultural.
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