Rama, Ancient Celtic City - Megalithic Piedmont between History and Legend #735825

di Giancarlo Barbadoro, Rosalba Nattero

Edizioni Triskel di Rosalba Nattero s.a.s.

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The city of Rama remained buried for centuries in the folds of history until, in the 70s of the last century, following the thread of a legend the independent researcher Giancarlo Barbadoro brought it to light. On the trail of megalithism, Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero were led to an extraordinary discovery: an ancient megalithic city, in the Susa Valley, which has left impressive signs of its existence and of the myth of Phaeton and his Golden Wheel. Many centuries of erased and reinterpreted history have created a blanket of fog that has covered and obscured stories, traditions, customs. Yet, even starting from minor clues, we can discover a path already marked just waiting to be rediscovered. Perhaps the true history of Europe and Piedmont is told precisely by what still remains of the megalithic civilization and ancient myths, such as that of Rama.
The Authors
Giancarlo Barbadoro, who passed away in 2019, was a journalist, musician, poet and writer. He founded the Ecospirituality Foundation, an organization in consultative status with the United Nations, and, as a representative of six indigenous organizations from all continents, has actively engaged in numerous initiatives for the survival of the ancient native traditions of the planet. His contacts with the autochthonous communities of Piedmont and Europe were fundamental for the writing of this book.
Rosalba Nattero, journalist, musician, writer and radio-television speaker, founder of LabGraal, a band that spreads the musical heritage of the Celtic area, of which she is leader and vocalist. UN delegate and researcher in the field of Celtic culture, together with Giancarlo Barbadoro she collected testimonies and made discoveries that allowed to reconstruct the puzzle of an apparently forgotten history, but which nevertheless represents our roots. She collected the immense intellectual legacy left by Barbadoro, founding a Centre of Studies dedicated to him for the dissemination of his research.
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Giancarlo Barbadoro, Rosalba Nattero