Life Style Daily Affirmations - 30 days of Motivational Readings to Build a Positive Mindset #816208

di Bernard Dyson


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Adversity has ruined your life far too long because you never felt like you had a way out or never new that you had a choice to fight back. Today, it is time to be a new you and allow the world to see the new you. As you wrap up reading this book of affirmations, use them frequently for the betterment of your lifestyle. You now have the tools to live a more fulling life spiritually, mentally, and physically. One key takeaway is to become spiritually grounded in your life. The power of prayer and having a spiritual relationship with God is needed in your life to defeat the evil that the devil throws at you. As adults, we sometimes are not strong enough to fight negativity and evil alone, and we need help to get through life situations. So, pray for protection, pray for a covenant over your life and your family life, pray for a release of blessings, and pray for the good and bad times that you encounter in life. Have faith in the mist of adversity that you will make it through it if you commit to not being defeated. Sometimes you must humble yourself and ask for God's help for him to intervene on your behalf. But always remember that if you glorify him on the good and bad days and do not just call on him in mist of trouble, he will never leave you and always will have your back. When doors open that you did not even ask for, that is favor from God. 
Know that you are a winner and have a reason to live because your life is precious. Now it is time for you to execute to bring your dreams, visions, and goals into existence. Do not stop running after the life you want, but just know that you can do it and will be successful. 

“Create the Life Style you want by executing daily and maintaining a positive attitude!” 
by Bernard Dyson Jr
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