Egypt and Eleusinian Mysteries #634045

di Nicola Bizzi

Edizioni Aurora Boreale

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In the past, in the historical and religious-historical fields, the issue of the origins of Eleusinity and its Mysteries has been the subject of intense debates that have often split the academic world in two. Despite the archaeological evidence that emerged from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries excavations, many debates still continue today. And the substantial reason for the absence of a unanimous agreement can be largely sought in the non-objective and misleading interpretation of numerous ancient sources. These sources were strongly conditioned by a prejudice founded on the false myth of the presumed superiority of Egypt, and its religious traditions, in the Hellenic world. A perspective that we find in many Greek authors, who tended to mythize the Egyptian culture, mistakenly indicating it as the mother of all wisdom and of every religious prototype.
In this book, Nicola Bizzi, Italian historian, Freemason and Eleusinian initiate, author of the best seller From Eleusis to Florence: The transmission of a secret knowledge, clearly explains the truth about the authentic origins of the Eleusinian Mystery Tradition, which date back to the Minoan civilization of Crete.
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Nicola Bizzi