Drops of lightness to strengthen our life #653373

di Liliana Nardese

Marcianum Press

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A book different from the others. An extraordinary path to be undertaken listening to the vibrations that spread straight through our heart while putting into practice the simple pieces of advice that, page after page, lead us to rediscover realities already present inside ourselves but so far ignored at a conscious level. These innermost dimensions awaken deep emotions evoked by the images of the “inner child” to be found at the beginning of each chapter and they allow us to take back the reins of our life, to open ourselves to new situations, to bring lightness in our daily life overcoming the different forms of fear that restrain and limit us.
The time has come to act and not to postpone to tomorrow what today can allow us to feel again the joy of living our life with love and lightness. This is what we all need.

Dr. Liliana Nardese is a Psychiatric and Psychosocial Rehabilitation technician. She lives and works between Pordenone and Trieste. She works in the field of the pursuit of inner harmony using a technique she herself has developed, the Inner Alignment® method, whose aim is to favour personal growth to let one’s own potentials and hidden talents emerge in each dimension of one’s life: psycophysical, sentimental, professional, social. Among her books: Le terapie regressive. Alla ricerca delle vite passate [Regressive therapies. Searching for past lives] (2004), co-authored with Francesca Longo; Noi scintille di luce [We sparkles of light] (2010), Come agire per vivere [How to act in order to live] (2013), L’Amore esiste [Love exists] (2017).
Website: http://www.liliananardese.com.
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