Basic Wizardry 101 #652462

di Charles Mage


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Basic Wizardry 101 is an occult manual that teaches the magical science and art of wizardry. The word, wizardry, as used in this book refers to its general sense, which means any use and application of any magical arts. Hence, it also refers to sorcery, witchcraft, magic, and the likes. After all, if viewed from an enlightened angle, from a higher standpoint, all these magical arts and practices are one, just as all spiritualities are also one. Different colors, one rainbow.

Basic Wizardry 101 presents a magical journey that you can take -- and this journey may just change you forever. This book is more than a book of occult knowledge and wisdom, for it also teaches actual and genuine practices that will give you a personal experience of magic, as well as how you can truly live as a magical practitioner. This is very important, especially considering the current status of things where many people want to experience a magical life but fail to do so simply because of the simple reason that they do not know how. 

This book has been written so that anyone who wants to experience a magical life and learn the fundamental secrets of this very ancient art and science may be given a chance to learn and see it for themselves. You also do not need to simply believe whatever you read from this book, for you will be able to verify this body of knowledge through your own research -- and more importantly, through your own actual practice and experience. 

If you are ready to unveil the secrets of magic and finally discover the truth behind the mystery, then this book is for you. This book will show you the way to unleash the power of your mind, how you can manipulate magical energy, do various magical techniques, and make your will manifest on all levels of existence, visible and invisible. Now is the time for you to be the master of your fate and create real changes in your life. 

Basic Wizardry 101 paves a way to true magical initiation and living. If you are serious about learning the genuine craft of magic, then look no further. Now is the time for you to discover who you really are, unleash the powers of your mind, and create wonderful changes in reality. Now is the time for you to awaken the magic that lies within.
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