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di R. Cary

R. Cary

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Amrican Poet brings you into the world of R. Cary through 60,000 words of relentless pressure on your reality. Just as you believe the beating and pulsating of your existence will cease, you will find yourself deeper into questions of self, reality, perseverance, and human faith.

Amrican Poet is an epic journey of the mind synthesizing themes of classic works of poetry like Milton's, Paradise Lost’s battle of good and evil and Dante's, Inferno’s journey into hell, with a new unique American vision of our lives written in a lyrical prose bringing you a fifteen poem, one journey story that will take you from the emotions of ravaging pain to the purpose of knowing ourselves as human works of art.

Inspired by Dante and Milton, the tradition of classic and lyric poetry R. Cary brings you a contemporary American prose form of writing that has not been heard before. Verse after verse, freely and eloquently the author's voice and diction, powerful visuals and imagery pursues to heighten your senses enlightening your mind in pursuit of human faith in this epic journey of the mind.

Amrican Poet is truly a work of art delivering you on your own path of discovery and self knowing, as we each, in our lives, pursue our destiny to be human works of art.

Amrican Poet is a book that will stay with you long after you read it.

Start your journey. It is yours to take.

Amrican Poet Features: Ravaging Pain, Fractures, Darkside, Blonde Beast, Endurance, Golden Lion, Art of Self, Infinity, Thunder, Elysium, Fire Heart, Iron EROS, Phoenix, Atlas Higher, Human As Art.

American Poetry, Inspirational Poetry, Epic Poetry, Prose Poetry, Lyric Poetry, Philosophical Poetry
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