A Ram & a Goat - Daniel’s prophecy #806801

di Olubusayo Aina

Olubusayo Aina

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Daniel was one of the privileged few to get insights into the events that herald the end of the World. From a slave who found grace whilst being exiled to Babylon, Daniel got favoured by men during his years on Earth by reason of his wisdom and ingenuity; and perhaps, we could state that he also found favour with God, giving the access he was granted to many divine secrets.

Of particular interest to this book, is Daniel’s prophecy about “a Ram and a Goat”. This particular prophecy gives a clear picture of all unique occurrences that will shape the course of human destiny during these last days.
And of course, it details certain ominous experiences the Jews will face, as intricate to the plot.

This book is not a “code breaker” that will state the actual date of Jesus’ return. No one can accurately give that information. Not the Angels. Not even Jesus our Lord.
Only the Father knows.

What this book will do however, is to clarify to all readers - without a doubt, that we are currently living in the ‘season’ when Christ’s return is scheduled.

Of a truth, the end is really upon us!
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