The Violin Music of Beethoven #232483

di J. Matthews

Forgotten Books

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A brief explanation only is needed with respect to this reprint of articles which have been appearing in The Strad for the past two or three years.<br><br>Those compositions of Beethoven in which members of the string family participate as solo instruments only, have been regarded as coming within its scope; to the exclusion of the orchestral works. Moreover, the symphonies have been so ably treated by the late Sir George Grove, that to cover again the same ground would be a work of supererogation.<br><br>Young students often suppose that they ought to admire every work which proceeds from a great genius; an attempt therefore has been made to convey some idea of the relative art-value and importance of the various compositions discussed in these pages. For between the best work of any man and his least inspired, there is a wide difference. Certainly nothing annoyed the great master more than to hear his least mature works praised, especially at a time when many of his greatest creations were too little studied to be understood save by a few.<br><br>In addition to such historical notes as could be gathered, some assistance in analysing the form and construction of Beethoven's chamber music - a knowledge so necessary for ensuring a correct balance in performance - and also a few hints as to the best editions have been offered.
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Forgotten Books
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