The Story of Music and Musicians for Young Readers #245941

di Lucy Cecil Lillie

Forgotten Books

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The only necessity for a preface to this little book is to explain that the work is not designed to take the place of text-books, works on harmony or thorough-bass, or those interesting lives of the great musicians which competent writers have given to us. Its object is only to interest young students in music in the technique of their art, and in the associations amid which great masters have worked. Only such rules of harmony are given as have a direct bearing upon the subject or composition under discussion, and these I have presented, after comparing them with standard authorities, in as simple a fashion as possible, relying upon any reader who is a thoughtful student progressing to technical study under a scientific instructor. Meanwhile some impetus and enthusiasm may be added, from reading this simple story of an art which all nations are in some fashion developing to-day, and which had its origin in an age that gave a significance to the victor crown of bay-leaves and laurel.
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Forgotten Books
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