The Oxford History of Music - The Polyphonic Period; Part II, Method of Musical Art, 1300-1600 #250471

di H. E. Wooldridge

Forgotten Books

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When preparing the first volume of this work I was permitted by the kindness of the keeper of the Laurentian Library at Florence to have a considerable number of pages of the Antiphmw/m'um M ediceum photographed, and was thereby enabled not only,to study its methods at leisure, but also to exhibit some interesting examples in facsimile. I had hoped to obtain similar material for the present volume, and to give illustrations of another very remarkable work in the same Library, commonly known as the Squarcialupi ms., containing compositions by Landini and his school, but permission to make photographs was in this case, I regret to say, not accorded. For my examples from this work, therefore, and from some others in Florence, I am indebted to the courtesy of a student of the ms., Mr. J. Wolf, and of Messrs. Breitkopf and Haertel, who published a number of that gentleman's transcriptions in the quarterly Journal of the I nternationale Musikgesellschqfl. The examples of the work of Machault I owe to the kindness of the authorities of the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, who allowed all necessary photographs to be made.
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Forgotten Books
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