The Music of the Church Hymnary and the Psalter in Metre - Its Sources and Composers #232078

di William Cowan, James Love

Forgotten Books

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This work has been undertaken with the object of supplying, in a form convenient for reference, information regarding the sources and composers of the music of The Church Hymnary and the companion volume The Psalter in. Metro and Scripture Paraphrases with Tunes.<br><br>The book is divided into two sections, historical and biographical.<br><br>In the former section the aim has been to give under the name of each tune, chant, and special setting, the exact title and date of the book or other publication in which it originally appeared. This is followed by such information as has been obtainable in regard to the words for which the music was composed, the changes which it has undergone, and any other particulars of interest as to its usage and history. In a few cases, in spite of much research, it has not been found possible to name definitely the original source of the music, and in others further investigation may reveal an earlier source than that now cited; but in each instance every care has been taken to verify the statements made, and it is believed that these may be taken as at least reliable starting-points for future research. At the end of this section there is added a list, arranged in chronological order, of all the works which have been cited as sources.<br><br>In the biographical section will be found notices of all the composers represented in The Church Hymnary and The Psalter in Metre. These notices are necessarily very brief, and are confined to the main facts of the composers careers. For fuller information as to their lives and works, reference must be made to the musical and biographical dictionaries.
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Forgotten Books
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