The English Madrigal Composers #272506

di Edmund Horace Fellowes

Forgotten Books

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There appears to be no published work dealing exclusively with the subject of the English Madrigal. It is hoped, therefore, that this volume may supply a want, and may prove of interest to many among that large body of singers who are constantly engaged in the practice and study of madrigals, either as members of choral societies or in the privacy of their homes. It may also be found to have some value as a book of reference, as it contains a complete index of the first lines of the whole series of English madrigals, and also separate lists of works of this 'class at the conclusion of the biographical and critical notice of each composer. The vast number of organizations which serve to encourage part-singing of all kinds in this country bear testimony to the inherent love of vocal music which has been characteristic of the British race unintermittently for the past 500 years and more and there must be many choral singers who would care to know something further about the famous Tudor School of Music which is one of the proud heritages of our race. Possibly this latter consideration will cause the present volume to make a wider appeal to the interest of that large circle of English people who, although they may not engage in the active 0 pursuit of any particular art, nevertheless value highly all the great national achievements of their race, not confining their interests alone to glorious feats of arms or triumphs of states manship, but extending them to the realms of Literature and Art in its many branches. For it is utterly deplorable that so few Englishmen should even be aware of the bare fact that at the close of the sixteenth century a school of composers flourished in this country who held the first place in European music.
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Forgotten Books
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