Gio: Paolo Maggini - His Life and Work #272320

di Margaret L. Huggins

Forgotten Books

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His work forms the third of the series Of publications undertaken by Messrs. Hill with the View of throwing new light upon the history of the Violin and its makers. As great interest attaches on many grounds to the Brescian school, and very little trustworthy information respecting it has hitherto been available, it seemed desirable to deal with it early in this series. With great energy and insight Messrs. Hill initiated and directed searches at Brescia and elsewhere, which, ably carried out by Signor Cavaliere Giovanni Livi, Director of the Brescian State Archives, and Signor Federico Sacchi, have brought to light a large number of most interesting and important facts concerning many makers of the Brescian school. Indeed, so rich has been the harvest gathered in the course of these searches that it has been thought best not to attempt to include the whole in this volume, but that portion only which relates more particularly to Maggini.
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Forgotten Books
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