British Music Publishers, Printers and Engravers - London, Provincial, Scottish, and Irish, From Queen Elizabeth's Reign to George the Fourth's, With Select Bibliographical Lists of Musical Works Printed and Published Within That Period #231651

di Frank Kidson

Forgotten Books

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As a pioneer work, the present volume must claim a little indulgence. Excepting a few scattered notices here and there, nothing dealing with the subject of the following pages has yet appeared, and facts bearing on it are scanty and scattered in many places. The lists of publications are not put forth as containing all that my material would furnish, but are merely selections culled to show types of a publishers issue; to fix a date, or give a variation of imprint. The names attached here and there are those of the owners of the particular copies I have consulted and do not imply that such works may not be in the British Museum or elsewhere. Much of the bibliographical matter comes from my own library, while my friend, Mr. T. W. Taphouse, of Oxford, has freely (as he has ever done) thrown open to me his large and valuable store of rare and unique volumes. The British Museum has, of course, also furnished much, and I have to thank Mr. W. Barclay Squire there, for much helpful courtesy and for the trouble he has taken in many ways. I must also thank Mr. Arthur F. Hill, Mr. Alfred Moffat, and Mr. J. E. Matthew, of London, Mr. John Glen, of Edinburgh, Dr. Culwick, and Mr. E. R. Mc Dix, of Dublin, and others who have furnished titles and imprints from their collections. Their contributions are all indicated in the text where they occur, and it but remains to thank all heartily for their aid. The references from the Edinburgh directories for 1804, 1806, and 1807 are from copies in Mr. Glen's possession.
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Forgotten Books
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