Dero Rising - The Crypto-Rebel's Guide to Financial Freedom #818779

di Craig McKay

Craig McKay

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This bold, stark manifesto offers more than just an introductory insight into the crypto technology known as, Dero; it's a clarion call to those who dare to challenge the status quo, to those who scrutinise the monolithic power of banks and government with a critical eye.

In a world teeming with uncertainty, where the digital and financial landscapes are constantly evolving, Dero Rising - The Crypto-Rebel's Guide to Financial Freedom emerges as a beacon for the disenfranchised, a guide for the rebels in the digital age. Drawing inspiration from the gritty resilience and the do-or-die ethos of Fallout's wasteland survivors, this book is not merely about cryptocurrency; it's a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of tyranny.

With the crypto-rebellion gaining momentum, this book finds its place at the forefront, offering readers not just a glimpse into the obscure world of completely anonymous crypto at protocol level but furnishing them with the tools to wrestle their freedom from the jaws of an oppressive financial system.

This is not just another cryptocurrency manuscript; it's a blueprint for insurgency, designed for those who feel cornered by the arbitrary rules of a rigged game they never agreed to play.

Dero Rising also delves deep into the impending destruction of the American empire, the looming collapse of the dollar, and the all-seeing eye of the surveillance state that watches our every move, edging us closer to a digital tyranny with each passing day.
The book argues that we're not just at the brink of a financial revolution but standing at a historical crossroads, where the fight for privacy, freedom, and autonomy against an increasingly autocratic regime is more critical than ever.

The battle for your freedom is already underway, highlighting the urgent need to act against the encroaching shadows of oppression. Will you join the ranks and stand tall in the face of impending tyranny? The time to choose sides in this grand struggle is now.
As we found out in the revelations from the film The Jones Plantation:

"Slavery never went away, it was just rebranded as politics".

Seize this moment to arm yourself with knowledge, to part the veils of deception and gaze into the unvarnished truth that Dero Rising offers. This is your rallying cry to break free from the invisible chains that bind you, to reclaim what has always been rightfully yours—your freedom, your privacy, your power.

The battle lines are drawn—are you brave enough to take a stand?
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