Burners and Black Markets #622407

di Lance Henderson

Publisher s24001

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Be The Man Who Wasn't There.

Invisibility gets you into spy rings, diplomatic circles, and the girl's locker room, but you need something more to protect yourself from Big Data, Big Government and Big Brother. You need one book to rule them all. This is that book.

Whether you're a burned CIA agent on the run or a missionary hunted in North Korea, you need to communicate anonymously. Incognito and off the grid as only the best survivalists know how. In this explosive yet easy to read book, I use true-life adventures (and grevious mistakes!) to show you how the Powers That Be steal your freedom, your assets, your guns, and even your identity without you knowing it.

You will learn everything from how hackers and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden password protect sensitive files to how such hackers protect their own wi-fi on the Deep Web. Inside This Playbook:

Black Hat Methods of the World's Most Elite Hackers (Anonymous, Kevin Mitnick, Lulzsec) - Hacker Phones. Laptops. Anonymous Apps. - Network Security Tricks - Linux, Dark Web & Buyer/Vendor Opsec - What To Do if the Police Catch You - A Computer Security Guide to Use with Tor Browser, VPNs, and I2P on the Dark Web...and much more!

Master the dark art of anonymity and get free access to thousands of dark net sites and see the Hidden Wiki, all for free.

Buy today. Because tomorrow may be too late! 
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Publisher s24001
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