Your Subconscious Power - How to make it work for you #659308

di Charles M. Simmons

David De Angelis

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This book should be marked, HANDLE WITH CARE! It is loaded with power that can give you complete control of your destiny if you make up your mind to let it! Within 24 hours after you begin reading, you will be tuning in on a new source of energy inside of you, a “million dollar partner” that will begin influencing your life and your daily activity . . . begin helping you acquire more selfconfidence, self-reliance, and self-expression in dealing with your problems! You will begin to live every hour of the day to the utmost, with no blank spots!
You ordinarily use only a small fraction of this vast store of subconscious power . . . most of the energy of this veritable dynamo inside you is wasted! This book, the product of 25 years of testing on thousands like yourself, reveals what science knows about your subconscious, gives effective, specific step-by-step methods for getting your subconscious power into ACTION, for making it an important part of your daily life.
Just imagine bringing these unused energies to bear on every one of your goals! Imagine what you could do with the problems that face you at this minute, with what relative ease you could overcome them!
Right in the first chapter you take a careful, objective self-inventory, to learn more about yourself and what specific actions to take to make the most of your life. You find yourself being guided into the selection of realistic life goals, with practical deadlines for meeting them. You discover the 6 motives underlying all human behavior—a priceless key to understanding and anticipating the actions of others important to you.
As you read chapter after chapter, you progress stage by stage through a long succession of “accomplishment days” to your ultimate goal: POSITIVE SELF-INFLUENCE . . . making a habit of success in big things and small.
To support you in your program, the author also explains the “why” of your day-to-day plan, including the scientific background of the subconscious . . . with a workbook of Practice Progress charts that offers you a unique, effective way to really live with these power principles, to really make them yours!
NOW is the time to begin! There are no plodding schemes to follow . . . no gimmicks, no flashy shortcuts. Prove to yourself that success and positive achievement is not for the privileged few, but for YOU. Discover in this sound, authoritative volume how you and your subconscious work together as partners in action . . . as partners in faith . . . as partners in health . . . in love . . . in solving problems . . . in creativeness and self-expression.
Your life is what you make it! And the book you now have in your hand can positively shape every minute of your life from this time forward!
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