The Law of Mind in action #626701

di Fenwicke L. Holmes


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Fenwicke Lindsay Holmes discusses how we can better attune our minds to the forces of the cosmic unconsciousness, with a view to improving our lives and spiritual health.

The core thesis of Holmes' work is that the universe is brimming with cosmic energy. Such energy goes unnoticed by most of humanity, and so remains untapped. By utilizing the mind to its fullest, using the law of mind established by New Thought practitioners such as Holmes, the apt student can unleash a wellspring of intellectual and spiritual ability into their lives, planting seeds that will sprout in accordance with the universal law of Cause and Effect.

Holmes focuses both on reality and our universe, and the inner power that rests within every human soul. Appropriating our emotions and will to the point of being able to harness the vast repository of cosmic consciousness is a lengthy endeavor: taking stock of the infinite force of God is a help, knowing that His love and omniscience throughout all of existence is there to observe and assist our efforts.

According to the author, honing one's spirit and consciousness can imbue a certain healing energy. The second part of this book looks at how a person in step with the cosmic forces can use his or her affinity with what is real to heal others. Offering comfort and heart advice may strengthen a patient, that he or she is able to confront mental and physical challenges in life.
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Fenwicke L. Holmes