Seven Simple Card Spreads to Celebrate Your Creative Wins - Seven Simple Spreads Book 4 #699127

di Mariëlle S. Smith

M.S. Smith

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Those creative risks you’ve been taking lately?
They are finally paying off!

But how do we slow down and celebrate how far we’ve come? Is there even a point when we still have so long to go?

In the fourth book in her Seven Simple Spreads series, writing coach Mariëlle S. Smith combines her creative experience, her passion for cardslinging, and her love of chakra philosophy to help you fully acknowledge your creative wins, big and small.

Using the chakra system as a map, Seven Simple Card Spreads to Celebrate Your Creative Wins takes you on a trip along the seven main chakras so you can discover what’s keeping you from savouring your creative wins on each chakra level, and how you can overcome these chakra-specific obstacles.

Ready to fully bask in the glory of your creative success? Order your copy now.

Seven Simple Spreads is a ten-part series that follows the creative journey as told by the tarot’s suit of Wands. Seven Simple Card Spreads to Celebrate Your Creative Wins, the fourth book in the series, zooms in on the Four of Wands to help you start celebrating every creative step on the path so it can sustain you to the very end.
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