Book 8. «The art of dying». Part 4 #682336

di Oris Oris

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The author has tried to give the most detailed answers to specific questions through his many years of experience of independent out-of-body explorations of the Ethereal World: how to die correctly? How to learn to accept your death in time? How the transformation of subtle bodies takes place during the postmortem transition?

This book, describing in the most detailed way the changing state of a person's Consciousness during the process called "dying" and his Soul's presence in various vibrations of the energies of the Astral, is also a kind of manual of religious therapy and eschatological psychosurgery, carried out through the most detailed texts of "Instructions" read by relatives for the dying ones or an already dead person in order to strengthen and awaken his Consciousness before the Transition to the Other World.

Among other things, this book can safely be classified as one of the most detailed travel guides to the many realms and spheres of the Ethereal World, which we commonly refer to as the "afterlife”.

A Brief review of the diversity of Forms and types of dying
Dying is a completion of the Earth’s form of suffering      
Death is not the end of dying but the beginning of a new Life
Death of the non-humans
The Soul and its impulse Ring                                                            The first phase of the transition: "The point of silence"
The second phase of transition: The tunnel effect, the bright light                                                                           
The Assistants
Gradual awakening
      Parting words to the dying person
For the dying one
The following text may be read for the one who has deceased
The funeral
The prayer for the deceased
The prayer for the release of the Soul
The prayer for the after the release of the Soul
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