The Human Connection - A Novel Collection #712828

di D.P. Rosano

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A collection of three novels by D.P. Rosano, now available in one volume!
A Love Lost in Positano: Seeking respite from working in the war zone, Danny D'Amato finds himself drawn to the tranquil shores of Positano. Amidst the idyllic scenery, he encounters Gaia, a captivating woman who breathes new life into his weary soul. Their connection blossoms swiftly, but the bliss is shattered when Gaia mysteriously vanishes, leaving Danny desperate to find her. After Danny spends countless days looking for Gaia, the vast distance between them finally closes... but for reasons they could have never predicted.
To Rome With Love: As Tamara discovers the charms of Rome in the arms of her first love, the sights, food and wine sweep her away. Giorgio changes how she thinks about living. Decades can pass – marriages, death, and family can intervene – but those moments linger in the hidden layers of her consciousness. And just when Tamara thinks she has forgotten Giorgio, they find each other again, and their lives are changed forever.
Vivaldi's Girls: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Antonio Vivaldi, where his musical genius is only part of the story. Beyond his extraordinary talent, Vivaldi was a charismatic figure who enchanted the women of Venetian society with his fiery red hair and captivating violin performances. With his transition from priest to celebrity, his allure grew even stronger. D.P. Rosano's "Vivaldi's Girls" will transport you to a time of passion, music, and the intertwining of hearts and melodies that shaped the life of one of history's greatest composers.
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