It All Started On The Eve Of Valentine's Day - Can You Fall In Love Through Texting? #560987

di Jo Ann von Haff

Jo Ann von Haff

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Can you fall in love through texting?
When Flora receives a declaration of love from a stranger on Valentine’s Day that’s not intended for her, she doesn’t have the heart to ignore the message.
Moved by the words that are full of regret, Flora notifies the mysterious author: someone, somewhere, is waiting for this message, but it’s not her.
The story could have—should have—ended there. But to Flora’s surprise, “C” answers her.
Thus begins an exchange of messages between the jovial young woman and her taciturn correspondent in which they gradually reveal themselves to each other.
And even if she makes it her mission to reunite “C” with the person the message was actually intended for, Flora will quickly discover that playing Cupid is much more complicated than she thought. Especially when her own feelings become involved …
 #virtuallove #secretrecipient #wrongnumber
Meet the Demaria sisters
Between Leeds, London and Paris, four sisters, four stories, four romances. Each story is a stand-alone and can be read independently. 1 - It All Started on the Eve of Valentine's Day: Flora & C 2 - A Very Bright Summer Sun in the London Sky: Summer & Ifan (to be published in 2021)
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