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CODENAME’S SILVERWOLF 5in1 E-Series - A past to forget.
A big story in five chapters. A STORY NO ONE HAS EVER DARED TO TELL!
The series CODENAME: SILVERWOLF - A Past to Forget, is the story of Mario M., a former agent of America’s most powerful and secretive government agency. His life, his missions, his troubled loves, his journey in search of the life he always dreamed of, and which several times eluded him a moment before becoming true, because he put the happiness of others before his own.
The series encompasses several genres, including social themes, action, thrillers and psychological mysteries.
It is a single story conceived in five parts, which also “work” as stand-alone books and do not follow the temporal order of events. In addition, the narrative style changes within the same book: a mix of genres ranging from current affairs to crime, from romance to thriller, with plenty of adventure, excitement and suspense, making the 1200 pages fluid and enjoyable to read.
The first book deals with a highly topical social issue: the father-son relationship when sexual “diversity” is discovered or confessed. Roberto, a charming and charismatic rich businessman, has neglected his family for too long, and when he discovers his teenage son’s homosexuality, he cannot accept it. He hates him, beats him, kicks him out of the house. And this intransigence causes him to lose family and friends. He lives terrible days, he cannot find the strength to react, he is on the verge of giving up, when Mario enters his life, who with his methods helps him not only to accept the boy, but to love him more than before and to advise him. However, Roberto is also the victim of a shady character who wants to ruin him by attacking his business and his loved ones. Mario finds himself juggling between Roberto’s intransigence in accepting Nick, the search for this mysterious character, and his own heart. This forces him not only to risk his life, but also to come to terms with his feelings after such a long time.
The second book, is the continuation in time of the first, in which between conspiracies, old loves, the discovery of being a father and the meeting with an old friend... he will make us understand what can lead to hatred brooded for years. Resentment, unleashing its tragic power of revenge, triggers a series of dramatic events, regardless of the involvement of people who have nothing to do with this hatred.
With the third, we go back in time. To the genesis of the protagonist. We discover how Mario M., a very normal person, finds himself involved in an American espionage story that forces him to flee his city, his country, his loved ones. And when he is offered to become a special agent of the most secret and powerful government agency in the U.S.A., the adrenaline rush he gets and the cases he solves seem to be the crowning of his childhood dreams.
But in an instant, dreams can turn into nightmares! And you find yourself on the run. Once again!
In the fourth chapter, Mario is the absolute protagonist. A kind of introspective confession, a painful part of his life that reveals his true spirit: that of a person with such pure feelings that he puts his happiness aside for the good of others. He tells it as if we were leafing through his personal and secret diary, making us emotional, crying, trembling, cheering for him and finally discovering how he became what he is today!
The last chapter brings us back to the present. He and Roberto have moved to America, and Jr. joins them to study. But the boy is kidnapped by the New York’s Mafia. Mario is forced to once again wear those shoes that he has repudiated for years. And when he has to decide whether to help the man who, years before, blamed him for the death of his daughter and forced him to flee... he has no doubts. He discovers that he is the only one capable of recovering the so-called Mafia treasure, a billion dollars that Davon hid before he was captured: is he really the only one capable of recovering this money? Amidst a thousand doubts and fears, will he succeed in freeing himself and Jr? And what price will he have to pay?
Will he be able to untangle himself once more, or this time...
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