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Forever Kisses features three individually published, sweet romance short stories/ short novellas:

Jules Russo's childhood wish finally comes true when Adam Blake asks her out. Her new date may not live up to her preconceived thoughts--he may just be more. Who knew that saving seats, peanut butter and jelly, and street signs could lead to forever? Is This Seat Taken? is a sweet college romance: 12,600 words.

In this companion piece to Is This Seat Taken?, Mandy's life hasn't turned out the way she planned.  Her father died, her mother is bipolar, and she's overwhelmed with responsibility and indecision.  That's why she's so grateful for her boyfriend, Luke.  But just how long does he plan on sticking around? This Heart of Mine is a sweet, new adult romance short story  about loving each other just right: 3,500 words.

He was The One.  Then he dumped me.  Now, three years later, he wants a second chance.  He's crazy if he thinks he's going to win over the heart he broke before.  Right?  Second Chance Boy is a sweet, college romance short story: 11,900 words. It is a companion ebook to Is This Seat Taken?.
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