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di Suede Goldmann

Suede Goldmann

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1974 - When teenage girl Anna Martellini is found brutally murdered in her home in Florence, a bunch of alleged suspects are brought to court, but her mother Deanna, with no alibi and incriminating evidence against her, is filed under ‘suspect number one’. Despite her consistent claims of innocence, the woman receives a life sentence and following her sudden death, her husband leaves everything behind to start anew in Buffalo, NY, where his brother Stefano lives with his growing family.
1994 - Whilst people seem to have moved on and found peace of mind, there is someone on the other side of the Atlantic who doesn’t believe that justice has been served; it’s Stefano’s daughter, Olivia, who’s itching to shed light on the old  Martellini homicide case. So Deanna’s hard-nosed niece jets off to Italy, jumping at the opportunity to embark on a year-long study abroad program. The curious fresh-faced girl, armed with a strong sense of justice – not to mention a healthy dose of luck – goes to any lengths to unveil the truth about what happened to her late cousin, and first and foremost, to find out who the real culprit is.

Will Olivia be able to reverse the jury’s verdict and clear Aunt Deanna’s name?
Or will she have to accept the fact that her aunt was a cold-blooded killer?
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