The Wise Ones Collection - Books 4-6 #743723

di Lisa Lowell

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Books 4-6 in 'The Wise Ones', a series of fantasy novels by Lisa Lowell, now available in one volume!
Heart Stone: The king covets Tanzaa's untapped gifts of magic, but she's in love with someone else: Dayvian, a simple musician who has her heart. After Dayvian learns that he's to be one of the Wise Ones, their life changes. Escaping the court, they seek the Heart Stone: an artifact that can fulfill Dayvian's destiny. But with the odds against them and time running out, can they prevail?
Name Magic: Ingri knew nothing of magic until Lar discovered her. He is the King of the Dead: a Wise One gifted with strange, frightening powers. With Ingri, he banishes her demons and teaches her the mysteries of being a human. But soon, she must face her inner demons and fight to master the fire that burns within her.
Dream Seeker: Pursuing safety and learning, Jarek and his brother are taken inside the protective walls of Lar's academy. But after Jarek is abducted and thrust into a world of dark magic, a series of world-changing events are set in motion, as the Wise Ones wage war to rescue one of their own. Setting on a journey of transformation, Jarek has to confront many challenges to find his own identity and purpose.
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