The Weight of Gold #731318

di Xan Kaplan

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Vallon Steere finds himself deep in a war-torn desert nation where danger lurks at every turn.
Charged with protecting two bickering princes, he must face both their enemies and his own, all while pursuing vengeance against a treacherous foe. Even as he tries to reconcile his duty to his country and his personal desires, Vallon is forced to confront his worst fears.
In a land ravaged by both monsters and war, Vallon’s companions know that time is running out to reach safety. Their destination - an isolated city where magicians use their powers to entertain wealthy visitors - is the key to Vallon’s long-awaited revenge on the man he believes to hold his sister captive. Along the way, a chance encounter with foreign slavers shows Vallon that there are other causes as worthy as his own.
But everything has a price. Caught between his integrity and his thirst for revenge, Vallon must decide what kind of man he really is. A deftly woven fantasy adventure with gripping characters and a compelling setting, ‘The Weight of Gold’ is the tale of a man who is about to learn exactly what he’s willing to give up to protect the ones he loves.
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