The Blood Witch Saga - The Complete Series #709529

di Natalie J. Case

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All three books in 'The Blood Witch Saga', a series of fantasy novels by Natalie J. Case, now in one volume!
Thanátou: Thána Archer, a skeptical mid-level manager at a manufacturing company, is forced to confront her disbelief in magic when she discovers she is a Blood Witch, hunted by those seeking to kill her. With the help of a mysterious man and a magical box, Thána sets out to find the mother who abandoned her and unravel the truth about her past. But to do so, she must sacrifice her freedom and come to terms with her newfound powers.
Mörderin: Thána and her mother Alaina embark on a mission to reunite their family, traveling to a war-torn world where Daria is a prisoner of the invading army. With limited magical abilities, Thána joins forces with Daria's husband and friends to plan a daring rescue mission, breaking into a prison camp and relying on newfound allies. Despite the dangers, Thána is determined to save her family, even if it means pushing her magical skills to the limit.
Hêalic: Thána, Xen, and Daria are trapped in a world where witches are executed, a deadly plague is rampant, and a Jack the Ripper-like serial killer is on the loose. Struggling with withdrawal from a magical substance, Thána's powers are depleted and she's hunted by the killer. To make matters worse, Katyk is missing and Thána's every move is dangerous. With time running out, Thána must find a way back to the portal before she becomes the killer's next victim.
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