The Bewitching Hour (Death's Dragon Book 1) #741336

di Mac Flynn

Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.

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One wrong turn on a deserted forest road leads Adelaide to a fantastical new world of wondrous magic and horrifying shadows. Her unwilling guide on her journey to understanding her situation is the handsome Duncan, the guardian of the realm and a recluse pushed into a position of leadership.

Trouble starts the moment she stumbles into the woodland realm. Her first acquaintance turns out to be a troll, and the legends of their prickly nature are understated as it tries to kill her. Her rescuer is none other than the silent Duncan, a man who wields a scythe and a heavy atmosphere of intrigue.

Complications force him to lead her to the heart of the realm, a pentagram which stretches out over ten miles, where trouble brews. Literally. A witch resides at one of the five points, and the blame for the troll trouble falls on her shoulders. Adi watches tensions rise between the two factions as Duncan attempts to mitigate the disaster only for things to get worse.

Knowing she’s trapped in the dilemma, Adi realizes she needs to lend a helping hand to the situation before they’re swamped by even greater danger. She only hopes she can broker peace before they’re overrun by monsters.
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