The Angel Series Collection - Books 4-5 #713392

di Jo Wilde

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Books 4-5 in 'The Angel Series' of romantic fantasy novels by Jo Wilde, now available in one volume!
Deviant Angel: Stevie Ray Collins stands defiant against the Illuminati, refusing to surrender his free will. As the Fourth of July approaches, Stevie prepares for an epic battle. With the world in turmoil, the fight for humanity begins. The old government has crumbled, famine ravages the land, and unlikely alliances form with the alien "peacemakers" alongside the Illuminati. When Dom and Jeffery are taken captive, Stephanie pledges to rescue them and confront Aidan. United, Stephanie and the Cajun embark on a desperate quest - but are they already out of time?
Death Angel: While Val seeks to reignite their relationship, Stephanie harbors unresolved issues and questions his loyalty. Their personal problems take a backseat when they learn that Dom and Jeffery are held captive in the treacherous Shadow Sphere, inhabited by ghouls. Racing against time, their goal is to rescue their friends before they vanish into another dimension forever. Amidst the rescue mission, Stephanie uncovers a startling secret about Aidan. Can Stephanie and Val save Dom and Jeffery in time, and will Stephanie find herself drawn back to Val - or back into Aidan's grasp?
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