The Angel Series Collection - Books 1-3 #712826

di Jo Wilde

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The first three books in 'The Angel Series' of romantic fantasy novels by Jo Wilde, now available in one volume!
Dream Angel: Seeking solace, Stephanie Ray leaves her old life behind and starts anew in Louisiana. Little does she know that her life is about to take a drastic turn, when she encounters the enigmatic Aidan Bane. Drawn into a world of dark magic, Stephanie finds herself surrounded by malevolent forces. Aidan offers his protection, but Stephanie soon discovers that love comes with a steep price.
Dauntless Angel: Stephanie embraces her chance at a new beginning in the vibrant city of New Orleans. Her life is disrupted by an unexpected visitor: Helen, Aidan's sister, who's delivering a warning from the mysterious Family. Intrigued, Stephanie embarks sets on a quest for answers, aided by an unlikely ally. In her search, Stephanie uncovers a hidden truth - the existence of others like her - but finds herself met with hostility from the celestial clan. As new adversaries emerge, Stephanie must summon her courage to confront the challenges that lie ahead.
Dark Angel: Stephanie's celestial father, Mustafa, has ulterior motives involving someone dear to her. As a heavenly war erupts and Val's army leaves, Stephanie, Jeffery, and Dom find an unexpected ally. Determined to fight, Stephanie faces the challenge ahead, uncovering the identity of her kidnapper and striving to defeat the powerful Illuminati. But against the odds, can Stephanie emerge victorious?
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