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The Alchemist - A Comprehensive Summary

The Alchemist is a book written by a Brazilian-born author, Paulo Coelho. The book was originally written in Portuguese. And it was originally published in 1988, but by October 2009, the book was translated into sixty-seven languages.
The Alchemist is considered to be a multi-language, international bestseller, and according to AFP, the book itself was sold in over sixty-five million copies on fifty-six languages all over the world. This puts The Alchemist in the Guinness World Record as the most translated book by a living author.
The story of the book follows an Andalusian shepherd named Santiago. After his reoccurring dream, he travels to Egypt to find a long lost treasure there. In his dream, he needs to go to Egypt, because there is supposed to be a long lost treasure somewhere in there.
On his trip, he meets a woman, who is a fortune-teller, and who tells to him that there is, indeed, a long lost treasure in Egypt, but in order for him to find the treasure, he needs to go to the pyramids and this is when Santiago’s adventures truly begin.
As a best-selling book, translated into more than sixty-seven languages worldwide, The Alchemist is a high quality book, with many interesting adventures that follow Santiago on his journey of claiming the lost treasure.

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