Shades And Shadows Collection - The Complete Series #709310

di Natalie J. Case

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All three books in 'Shades And Shadows', a series of contemporary fantasy novels by Natalie J. Case, now in one volume!
Through Shade and Shadow: Mason Jerah is a Shade, a mythical healer, living in secret in Northern California. Alaric Lambrecht is a Shadow, an empath and psychic, working alongside his family in the suburbs of Sacramento. After a serial killer is caught and discovered to be a Shade, Mason and Alaric are yanked out of their comfortable lives and cast into the turbulent waters of political intrigue and conspiracies, setting them on a collision course with each other and civil war.
In Gathering Shade: Mason Jerah is convinced he doesn't have long to live... and he isn't alone in his captivity. The Shadows have a plan; one that could mean freedom. Meanwhile, operative Raven Ivany struggles against the forces aligning against Shades and Shadows, and finds an unlikely companion in Zero, a teenage girl with a mysterious past and desire to prove herself.
Where Shadows Fall: As the world descends into ever darker chaos, Alaric Lambrecht seeks vengeance. No matter the cost. In Washington, evil takes another step toward true power. Alaric's path takes him deep into 8th Battalion territory, and on a collision course with Raven Ivany and Zero. The question is, can they together take the fight to the mastermind who is tearing the country apart - and defeat him?
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