Sealed Blood - The Complete Series #712366

di Kirro Burrows

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All three books in 'Sealed Blood', a series of fantasy novels by Kirro Burrows, now available in one volume!

Catch A Raven: Raiven leads a complex life, balancing supernatural crime-solving and maintaining order in her city. When her friend is hurt due to her current case, things become even more complicated. Bound by duty, Raiven must be in constant proximity to Kisten, the forbidden man in her life. As she races to solve the case and catch the killer, the line between resolve and desire blurs. Will Raiven and Kisten resist temptation or succumb to their forbidden yearning?

Spot A Leopard: As Raiven takes the momentous step towards becoming Kisten's mate, uncertainties cloud her mind. Despite their excitement for the future, their differences still loom over their relationship. With the arrival of the Hunter Whistleblower, claiming to be Kisten's father, Raiven must tap into her latent necromancy to protect her mate. However, this unleashes unexpected revelations about her own power, raising new dangers. Racing against time, they must confront this threat, hoping their differences will ultimately unite them rather than drive them apart.

Kill A Dove: In the midst of wedding preparations, fear casts a shadow over Raiven's joy. With the relentless pursuit of Mater Vitae and her escalating powers, Raiven's life takes an unexpected twist when a potential new Hunter emerges, leading her and Kisten to Africa, her birthplace. In this vast and mysterious continent, Raiven seeks the truth about her past and the fate of all Supernaturals. Amid a web of fear, deception, and uncertainty, Raiven grapples with trust and questions the survival of her future with Kisten.
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