Sabrina Strong Series Collection - Books 5-8 #718798

di Lorelei Bell

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Books 5-8 in Lorelei Bell's 'Sabrina Strong Series' of urban fantasy novels, now available in one volume!
Crescendo: The dhampire is about to be born, but not through who you'd expect. When Vasyl learns what Sabrina has done, it creates a rift between them. After saving Tremayne and surviving Nicolas' attempt on her life, a group of black witches abduct Sabrina and begin draining her of her powers. She's near death when Dante stops them, and he and Vasyl return her home. With the vampire war raging all around them, the ultimate confontation with Ilona Tremayne will soon be at hand.
Requiem: Bill Gannon is back to protect Sabrina. But when the vindictive demon Naamah enlists a terrible witch in her quest for retribution, Sabrina is in more danger than ever, and the secret behind a mysterious newcomer is revealed. Facing a powerful enemy, can they find a way to save Sabrina before it’s too late?
Interlude: Sabrina's memory loss leaves her struggling to find herself and wishing to return to her home. When a former adversary resurfaces and threatens her, Sabrina's allies rally to her protection. While trying to remember her past, Sabrina has to deal with the perils of the present. Can Sabrina come out unscathed and reclaim herself?
Renegade: Returning to the Dark Veil, Sabrina faces new challenges. Her mission is to find Princess Aljehambra, who has been abducted by one of Drakulya's sons. Once again, Sabrina finds herself in an age where horses and trains are the mode of transportation, and outlaws, vampires and wizards try to stop her at every turn. But true love is waiting in the wings, and Sabrina is determined to find her way - no matter the cost.
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