Sabrina Strong Series Collection - Books 1-4 #717185

di Lorelei Bell

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The first four books in Lorelei Bell's 'Sabrina Strong Series' of urban fantasy novels, now available in one volume!
Ascension: Left penniless after the death of her father, Sabrina Strong isn’t thrilled about working for the North American Vampire Association. Driven by her desire to discover the identity of the mysterious in her dreams, Sabrina is attacked on her way to the interview. Her life is narrowly saved by a passing vampire - but could he be the one that turned her mother and marked Sabrina as his own so long ago?
Trill: New friends and shocking revelations await Sabrina. After she learns what her role as a sibyl means, her partner Dante puts himself at great risk to discover more of Ilona Tremayne's schemes. A newcomer, Bill Gannon, is very interested in Sabrina, and while dealing with him she has to help Bjorn Tremayne maintain control of his realm. Soon, Sabrina's past catches up with her, and she discovers that not everyone is what she thought.
Nocturne: When Sabrina's cousin Lindee goes missing, she fears that vampires are at the root of things. Beyond the Black Veil, vampires outnumber humans ten to one, and people are merely blood donors and objects of the vampires' sexual desires. With the Dagger of Delphi, Sabrina will face the Dreadfuls - merciless stalkers and killers. With her is also the stone containing the spirit of Dante Badheart, and more mysteries surround this magical artifact as well.
Caprice: Dark World has set a bounty on Sabrina's head, and he needs to get her away from the only vampire who protects her: Vasyl. Sabrina's agenda was to enjoy Thanksgiving with her family without any interruptions. Unfortunately, a demon in the guise of her Grandmother Rose attacks her at the family gathering. After Bill Gannon saves her, Sabrina is whisked off by Bjorn Tremayne and his accomplice. Knowing that Tremayne's ultimate goal is to mate with Sabrina, Bill begins his chase. With the future of the whole Nephilim race at stake, will he make it in time?
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